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Shark hunting is quite thrilling, and at the same time intimidating. Catching a big fish with big teeth is a lifetime experience. And if you are trying this experience in Hilton Head, South Carolina, you need to select a trusted fishing company, such as Top Shot Sport Fishing. Though the captain of these fishing charters from Hilton Head will guide you through the process, you must be aware of the basics of the shark fishing.

Here we discuss the things you must know about this form of fishing.


To entice your catch, go for cut bait or live bait. Options like amberjack, kingfish, cobia, and ladyfish are best, as they are quite meaty. The good idea is to mount a skirt near the hook. It creates tempting movements and makes sure that the shark is unable to see the hook.

Best season

For shark fishing in Hilton Head, the best time is May through October. Apart from one to seven feet long sharks, you can expect school blue fish, croakers, and stingrays during this time.


Conventional rods are best off a pier or boat. A spinning rod is ideal when you plan to catch the fishes off the beaches. One thing you should keep in mind is that rods must be strong enough for pulling off heavy sharks.

You can also ask your shark fishing services provider for the tips related to this form of fishing. If you are looking for shark fishing in Hilton Head, Top Shot Sport Fishing is someone you can trust.