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Traits of a good fishing charter service provider from Hilton Head Island, SC

When you search for a fishing charter service in Hilton Head Island, there are various traits you should check before hiring the best one. Here we discuss some traits that are possessed by a reputed fishing charter company.

Friendly and knowledgeable captain

The captain should not be just a good professional, but a good person, too. You don’t want to have someone as your captain who’s not friendly. A great captain is a knowledgeable and fun loving person. In simple words, someone you will love to hang out with. One thing to check is that the captain is USCG licensed.

Facilities onboard

To make their customers enjoy maximum comfort, the charter fishing companies provide various facilities on the boats. These facilities include shaded seating, a place to store drinks, and bathroom. Check the company’s website for features or go through their brochure thoroughly.

Reasonable rates

 A fishing trip shouldn’t be an activity that costs you a fortune. Make sure you get worth for every penny spent. Ask whether the bait and tackle are included in the package. Also, check what the total duration of the fishing trip is.

Boat size and speed

An ideal fishing charter accommodates four to six persons. Usually, the charters with 31-35 feet are ideal for an enjoyable experience. Check these factors and speed of boat before making a reservation.

We, at Top Shot Sport Fishing, offer all these features you expect from a reputable company. We charge very reasonably for all the fishing types.  We charge very reasonably for all the fishing types.

Things to do in Tybee Island, Georgia

Did you know that pirates used the Tybee Island for evading pursuers? Apart from its rich history, the island is known for its natural beauty. Fishing charters in Tybee Island are also quite popular. The individuals love spending quality time with their family here while fishing. If you have any doubt, check our gallery section.

But, there are several other activities one can indulge into while visiting this place. Through this blog post, we discuss best things you can do while visiting Tybee Island in Georgia.

Consume delectable food

Food scene at Tybee Island is amazing. You can try the seafood at the most popular restaurant, The Crab Shack. If you are looking for hand-tossed pizzas or sandwiches, you can visit Fannies on the Beach. Sundae Café s is also quite famous for its excellent food.

Tybee island lighthouse

Climb the top of this lighthouse to enjoy surreal views. You will also learn about the fascinating history of the lighthouse here. The ticket for the lighthouse also gives the access to Tybee Lighthouse Museum.

Visit Fort Pulaski

Visit this national monument that played a vital role in the Civil War. Explore the fort to appreciate its unique architecture.

Experience the sunrise

If you want to experience something serene, don’t miss the sunrise at the Tybee South Beach. The beauty of the sunrises is something even the pictures can’t describe.

And of course, fishing charters in Tybee Island are something you can’t afford to miss. You can contact the team of Top Shot Sport Fishing for fishing charters. We also offer fishing charters in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Things you should know before going for shark fishing in Hilton Heads

Shark hunting is quite thrilling, and at the same time intimidating. Catching a big fish with big teeth is a lifetime experience. And if you are trying this experience in Hilton Head, South Carolina, you need to select a trusted fishing company, such as Top Shot Sport Fishing. Though the captain of these fishing charters from Hilton Head will guide you through the process, you must be aware of the basics of the shark fishing.

Here we discuss the things you must know about this form of fishing.


To entice your catch, go for cut bait or live bait. Options like amberjack, kingfish, cobia, and ladyfish are best, as they are quite meaty. The good idea is to mount a skirt near the hook. It creates tempting movements and makes sure that the shark is unable to see the hook.

Best season

For shark fishing in Hilton Head, the best time is May through October. Apart from one to seven feet long sharks, you can expect school blue fish, croakers, and stingrays during this time.


Conventional rods are best off a pier or boat. A spinning rod is ideal when you plan to catch the fishes off the beaches. One thing you should keep in mind is that rods must be strong enough for pulling off heavy sharks.

You can also ask your shark fishing services provider for the tips related to this form of fishing. If you are looking for shark fishing in Hilton Head, Top Shot Sport Fishing is someone you can trust.

What are the benefits of charter fishing?

“Should I try deep sea fishing in Hilton Head, South Carolina or not?” is a confusing question for a lot of individuals. You might not realize, but this sport comes with numerous benefits. 

Through this blog post, we discuss some advantages of indulging in deep sea fishing. 

Different fishes

Deep sea fishing lets you catch the fishes that are normally not available on the lake or near the harbor. The thrill of trying something new itself is quite memorable.

Spend quality time with family

Fishing charters are a good option to spend some quality time with your family members. The charters from Top Shot are suitable for families, and the captain is friendly.

A new atmosphere

For those who are bored of the same old atmosphere while fishing can try this sport for an entirely new atmosphere. You can make your angling skills better through this activity. You also learn skills like patience and determination with this sport.

It rejuvenates you

Regular fishing is known to make you stress-free. If we specifically talk about deep sea fishing, it offers an escape from real world. You feel charged up after finishing the activity. This means you should indulge in it regularly. 


All these factors clearly show that deep sea fishing is something you shouldn’t miss. For fishing in Hilton Head, contact the team of Top Shot Sport Fishing.